J. Lind, Gurnee, IL

Nancy Anderson helped me contract for the work needed, choose paint, fabric, counter tops, fixtures, etc.,  supplied design ideas and oversaw every aspect of my $15,000.00, 3 month, condo remodeling project.  We renovated the kitchen, living room, dining area, guest bathroom, halls, laundry closet, balcony and had repairs made to leaking shower, lamps, fixtures, decorative pieces, etc.  She met with me in early April to ascertain what was needed for my redecorating project. I realized how lucky I was to have found her immediately.  She is a joy to work with, very hands on, actually reupholstered my dining room chair seats herself, teaching me how to as she worked. Chair cushions are gorgeous, as is the entire finished project. 

Nancy introduced me to a local contractor who worked with us every step of the way.  She helped me pick out all the materials, colors, paints, counter-tops, cabinets, drapes, and carpet, necessary to renovate the kitchen, living room, bath, halls, and balcony. Directed and drove me to suppliers with the lowest prices for quality products. She worked closely with painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and the contractor to make certain everything was done promptly, at the best price, and as ordered.  All the special little extras, new chair cushions, a wonderful little nook in the entry hall, shadow boxing my paintings, fixing lamps and decorative pieces, have made my condo my beautiful new home. All appliances work perfectly, the painting is perfection; it's all so lovely, and Nancy made it so.  She saved me more money through her discounts and choosing the best contractor and dealers with great prices than the fee she charged me.I highly recommend Nancy Anderson Design.

G. Steele, Gurnee, IL

Nancy worked with us throughout our kitchen/mudroom/bathroom remodel and the painting of the lower level of our home.  She went with us to choose cabinets and worked with us on the layout of the kitchen.  She joined me at tile stores and communicated with contractors. Nancy was also available to give me ideas and opinions by phone and email. By utilizing her services we were able to avoid many costly mistakes, save time and money, make more confident decisions and enjoy the process. A few of Nancy’s talents that we most appreciated included:

    1.  Her impeccable eye for color!!

    2.  Her ability to listen, quickly understand and integrate our ideas into a tasteful design that matched our budget and lifestyle.

    3.  Her ability to see the big picture in terms of style, design and function.

    4.  Her professionalism and ability to communicate effectively with all of the gentlemen working on our kitchen (general contractor, painter, electrician, plumber etc.)

Our general contractor, Warren Edwards Builders,gave Nancy's name to us. At first I was very leery to work with a designer. ( I tried working with a designeronce before and that woman's ideas were far fetched and she seemed to have very little investment in the project.)  However, I also felt overwhelmed by all the decisions that were going to be needed,  so I decided to contact Nancy and subsequently her references. After we met to discuss our ideas I knew that she was a woman that I could work with. It was not long into the remodel that I was grateful that I made that decision. Nancy was a delight to work with and I love the finished product.

B. Burgess, Hawthorn Woods, IL

Nancy provided excellent advice on how to prepare our home for a future sale.  She gave us referrals for people that can help us with our work, such as painters and electricians.  I was so impressed with her that I referred her to my boss.  I would not hesitate to use Nancy again.

C. Hwang, Lake Forest, IL

Nancy was great to work with.  She has a very good eye for color.  She quickly got a sense of what our style was, and was able to provide us with lots of different options to finish our house off.   She was always accessible and is very easy going.  We encountered an issue with poor carpet and window treatment installation, and Nancy contacted both vendors right away to correct the issue.  She stands by her work, and is not complete with a project until you are totally satisfied. 

S. Boxser, Buffalo Grove, IL

Nancy arrived on time. We walked thru and evaluated each room with her making suggestions that were economical and others more costly. Was open to my ideas and I thought we would work well together. She moved some objects d'art for a better presentation. Any discounts she gets from dealers are passed on to her clients. Her ideas are creative and fitting my preferred style. After the visit she emailed a summary of everything we discussed and the contacts she introduced me to. It was a very professional and comfortable meeting. She was open to helping me redecorate but was not pushing her singular ideas on me. Nor did she press expensive over economical changes. She was open to my ideas of decorating and could work with and enhance them. She also was able to provide me with the sources and contacts I would need. I will be using her in the near future.

 B. Kelley,  Lindenhurst, IL

I raised the white flag to help my wife, who was ready to give up on our "new" house after a relocation from Florida. We’d had a recommendation for another decorator from a friend and this other decorator literally made my wife cry. Nancy was super responsive, came to our house within 2 business days after first contact and connected with my wife, who has very good taste but just needed a professional "nudge" in the right direction. Her knowledge of colors is amazing and we're now ready to paint and install new flooring. She also had some very good ideas as to furniture placement. We would recommend her to all and will utilize her services again when we're ready to put the wall hangings up.

B. Grote, Schaumburg, IL

Nancy spent two hours with me discussing various remodeling projects for several rooms in my home. She arrived right on time and gave me her full attention.  We went room by room and discussed possible decorating projects for the future.  She offered me many ideas but didn't try to push or talk me into anything.  Rather than decorators who act like a client is made of money, Nancy had plenty of suggestions for saving me cash, like decorating around an upholstered chair rather than spending money to recover it or keeping larger furniture items and updating the look of a room with accessories.  We discussed flooring ideas, paint colors, window treatments, and items specific to some of the projects I was doing like bathroom fixtures.  She called one of the companies she works with to get a guesstimate from him on a bath remodel.  I had received a general quote from another contractor and wanted to see if the quotes were similar--they were. Nancy understood that my husband and I were retired and was more than willing to help us get the most bang for our buck to bring our home into an updated, comfortable state. Hopefully, once we are ready to begin our remodeling projects, I will be able to contact Nancy for additional help.  She was very personable and easy to talk with.

A. Mayfield, Milwaukee WS

I hired her to give me a design on three properties in Milwaukee. I needed advice on renovation, wall removal and placement, colors, finishes, etc. to make these properties attractive rental homes.Everything turned out great. I was really pleased with her services and I would use her again.

E. McGinnis, Winthrop Harbor

I hired Nancy to give me ideas on floor coverings, a kitchen update and curtains for the whole house.  And she did a very good job.  She invited her most trusted contractors to provide samples and quotes.  She was very professional, easy to talk to, and full of ideas.


Who knew remodeling could be so fun? Nancy Anderson takes a project that could be very stressful and makes the process as enjoyable as the outcome. She visualizes things you would never dream of, and her color expertise is astounding. She has transformed several of our homes over the years, as well as our numerous storefronts. She listens, inspires, encourages, and exceeds expectations. Can't say enough about this amazing designer.

Susan Colbert

I hope this review was helpful…..You will not need to do the Decorator Challenge and contact many decorators as I did to find the best. Just call Nancy Anderson and ask her about this review and we will email you pictures from my beautifully decorated home.

Karen Grim

Nancy is great to work with for interior design needs. She is personable, friendly, goes the extra mile, works hard, a great communicator, is a brilliant, creative designer with the people skills to make every interaction with her a pleasure. Nancy helped with me with new window treatments, home furnishings and decorating. Everything looks great. I am so pleased with the outcome! Nancy is knowledgeable, professional and a talented interior designer.

S. Frankenberger

I contacted Nancy because we were redecorating 2 rooms in our home and I felt overwhelmed with choosing colors. I called Nancy and after a 1 hour consultation we had colors chosen, resources for artwork and area rugs and discussed draperies. Nancy quickly understood my needs (limited budget, simple designs, working with existing furniture). I feel very comfortable with her feedback and expertise. She is very responsive to calls and time frames. I have asked Nancy to return to help finish the rooms and will certainly use her services as we redo the many other rooms in our house.